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-====== SEO Wiki ====== 
-This Wiki offers information for [[onpage_seo|onpage]]/​[[offpage_seo|offpage SEO]], [[best_practices|best practices]],​ and a comprehensive [[glossary|SEO glossary]]. 
-Our goal is to create the largest collection on [[optimization|search engine optimization]] on the web. We are looking for new authors and have [[contribute|some incentives for you]]. 
-===== On-Page Optimization ===== 
-[[onpage_seo|{{:​text:​page_border_128.png |On-Page SEO}}]] ​ 
-[[onpage_seo|On-Page optimization]] are all activities on the page itself. This includes 
-  * a great [[onpage_seo:​domain_name|domain name]] 
-  * selecting the [[onpage_seo:​keywords|right keywords]] 
-  * [[onpage_seo:​page_content|interesting content]] 
-  * how [[onpage_seo:​headings|keywords are highlighted in the page content]] 
-... and much more on [[onpage_seo|OnPage SEO]]. 
-===== Off-Page Optimization ===== 
-[[offpage_seo|{{:​general:​world_128.png |OffPage SEO}}]] 
-More important than on-page optimization is to do [[offpage_seo|off-page optimization]]. Here, we discuss the following topics: 
-  * how to [[offpage_seo:​link_building|generate links to your site]] 
-  * if you should consider [[offpage_seo:​link_buying|buying links]] 
-  * what [[offpage_seo:​web_directories|web directories]] are and how you can use the most effectively 
-  * how [[offpage_seo:​inbound_links|inbound links]] should be created in order to present your information in the best way. 
-All other topics on [[offpage_seo|off-page SEO]] should be interesting for you as well. 
-===== Best Practices ===== 
-[[best_practices|{{:​jobs:​actor_128.png |Best Practices}}]] 
-Besides SEO concepts you will also find [[best practices]] for specific SEO tasks: 
-  * What format has a [[best_practices:​sitemaps|sitemap]]?​ 
-  * How can you create [[best_practices:​seo_friendly_urls|SEO-friendly URLs]]? 
-  * How can you prevent [[best_practices:​duplicate_content|duplicate content]]? 
-===== Search Engines ===== 
-[[search_engines|{{:​mobile:​search_128.png |Search engines}}]] 
-Here you will find all information to search engines, explained in understandable terms. Besides the Big Tree ([[search_engines:​google|Google]],​ [[search_engines:​bing|Bing]],​ [[search_engines:​yahoo|Yahoo!]]),​ you will find information to other, more specialized search engines. 
-===== Source Code Optimization ===== 
-[[source_code|{{:​webdesign:​html_version_128.png |Source Code}}]] 
-Search engines like [[source_code:​html|clean and error-free HTML source code]]. But it is also important for your visitors as they should not see any errors on your page. [[source_code:​accessibility|Accessibility]] is also an important issue for both the search engines as well as your visitors. 
-===== Glossary =====  
-[[glossary|{{:​communications:​address_book_128.png |Glossary}}]] 
-Looking for more specific explainations?​ Check out our [[:​glossary|glossary where we explain all terms around SEO]]. 
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