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Using keywords is an important aspect related to getting visitors. This concept applies to PDF files as well as content pages. Search engine technology has changed to the point where search engines are able to recognize keywords within the content of PDF files. The content within a PDF document can now be indexed. SEO for optimized PDF files is important for many reasons.

Indexing and Rank

PDF files should be generated in text editors in order to have them indexed by search engines. If the content is not text like in regular pages, it cannot be read by search engines. Posting an optimized PDF file will increase your rank. Not having keywords in the document will not help the website gain a visible spot in the first few pages of popular search engines.

Content and Relevancy

Employing keywords and optimization techniques in PDFs will help the engines and their crawlers recognize the relevant content on a website. This type of file is now treated exactly the same as a web page with content. The concept is the same as for web pages. It must be optimized to be found in the top results of search engines.

Adding links to your site will help readers to locate your website and visit it. Anchor the text to lead to the page related to the content in the PDF. Search engine crawlers look for links to know what to crawl. The links are a tool for navigation of the website not only for crawlers but for end users as well. Since PDF can be distributed via email and is often-times published on other web servers, every link in the document is considered to be a back link to your website by search engines. A websites rank is higher with more back links.

Uploading Your PDF: Where is the Best Location?

In order for an SEO optimized PDF to be found quickly by crawlers, it should be placed as close to the root website directory as possible. Situating it too deep within the site structure will prevent the search engine crawlers from accessing it or will delay crawling. House the page in the home directory rather than putting it in a location that will not be accessed frequently.

How Small or Large Should the Optimized PDF Be?

The size of the PDF file should not be too large to prevent visitors from spending too much time waiting for it to load in order to view it. If the load does not load quickly, this factor may affect the page rank. The files must be easily accessible in order to qualify for a listing in a search engine. If the file cannot be accessed quickly and easily, this may automatically void the possibility of being listed in top search engines. Reformat the document if necessary to decrease the file size by adjusting the PDF file properties. This can be done by going to “Document Properties”, then select the Optimizer option to change the size format of the file. The method will allow the file to be in a format that is search engine friendly.

Giving the File a Title

The file properties should also be optimized for SEO. The web site owner should give the PDF an optimized website title with keywords that are relevant to the content. The search engine must be able to find the file and give it a relevance rating. Without an optimized title this task is difficult. The optimized title will also help potential visitors looking for information on your niche find your website.

Other Important Properties to Be Optimized

Similar to Meta tags on regular web pages, a PDF document should also have a description, keywords as well as the name of the copyright owner or author. This will show the relevance of your document to the search engines and display proper information regarding the content. The images used within the content of the document should be titled as well for SEO purposes to show they are relevant to your niche.

What Version of Adobe Acrobat Do You Use?

In order to have your SEO PDF file listed in search engines, it is important to use a version the crawlers can recognize. If you are using a higher version than what the search engines are compatible with, the document will not and cannot be accessed, therefore, a listing will be denied. A lower version is best to ensure compatibility and crawling. Visitors who would like to view the file also may not have a higher version and may not be able to open the file. The best versions to use are Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or any other lower version to ensure the file can be read.


Website owners should optimize their PDF files for SEO purposes. This will ensure the document will appear in search engines with a high rank to bring in more traffic. Not having an optimized PDF prior to publishing will limit the possibility of having potential visitors find your site. Since PDFs contain useful information, optimize them accordingly to reap the benefits.

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