Internal Linking to Increase Ranking and Page Rank

Internal Hyperlinks One of the greatest methods to increase your ranking for specific keyterms and gather a higher page rank for your business' website is also one of the most overlooked. Internal linking. Internal linking is simply using one of the pages on your overall web property, and using it to link to another page. That's right, simply linking from one page on your site to another is a great way to increase your search engine rankings, and it takes almost no time and very little effort to place a link on a page. There are even ways to automate posting a link in this fashion. But first, how does internal linking help in the first place?

Well, internal links helps for a number of reasons. One reason internal links are useful, in terms of SEO, is because they use the page rank from a number of pages and funnel it down onto a single page. For example, you may have several PR1 webpages on your website, but your sales page- which you want to rank for key terms so you can more readily get sales- is only a PR0 and doesn't rank very well for keyterms. If you add an anchor text link to the pages that are PR1, half the PR of those pages gets passed to the new page, and so, practically overnight, you'll have a PR1 on the previously PR0 page, depending on how many links you can provide. The more links, the higher your PR will soar. If you use the appropriate anchor text for these internal links, you will shoot up the search engine rankings pages (SERPs) for these terms.1)

Adding internal links in while you are writing a new post for your blog or article for your site is easier than going back and editing potentially a dozen pages, but there is also a way to create internal links from most pages on your site, and that's by using post templates. It depends on what kind of site building software you are working with, but you can usually utilize free addons and/or plugins to create a sort of “signature” file. This, when completed, can be used to add a personal bit of text to every one of your posts automatically. Plug a blurb about the page you want to promote and an anchored internal link and you will be on your way to making that page rank and accrue PR with every post or article you write!

Creating websites that work and survive in today's online environment may not be easy, but you can certainly gain an advantage if you utilize your site to its fullest potential. And internal linking is doing just that.

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